Yale: First impressions

I arrived in New York on Monday and drove up to New Haven yesterday. Here, I’ll be working at a Lab at Yale University for the next 6 months before returning to Germany to finish my Master. Walking through New Haven, I was impressed and in awe of the beautiful, historic – looking buildings that make up the campus. The University feels like a Harry potter movie but with an American twist.

Coming here, I was a bit worried about the safety in New Haven, as I’ve heard about a somewhat higher crime rate in the area, but so far it really looks okay. The house I live in is cute, in a quiet area, and my housemates are very nice. The weather has been wonderful the past days, making the touristing through the city even more impressive and memorable. The one downside are the extremely high prices, for everything – which I did expect – but not to this degree.


Currently, I’m sat at a cute café after a (mandatory) shopping spree at the university bookstore and am, once again, working on my lab report from the last lab rotation. The jet lag hit me hard this time because of some complications on my flight, resulting in me skipping a whole night’s sleep – but thank god for coffee, coffee, and once more, coffee.  😀  

For the rest of this week I will be sorting administrative aspects out and run errands to get set up in my new home. Tomorrow I will also meet the lab team I will be working with and get definitive details about my project.  

2 thoughts on “Yale: First impressions

  1. Have a good statt back in US


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